Friday, September 10, 2010

Rookie Move

We’ve learned our lesson.

Hanna is a smarty pants.

Do not give her any advance notice to things we will be doing or places we will be going.

If told too early, a meltdown is sure to be had when we don’t do said thing or go to said place immediately.

Hence the freak out in the kitchen last night.

Who knew that little girls were required to wear something other then underpants outside to play?!


phoebe said...

I like to refer to those as "amateur parenting mistakes". Mette already knows what P-A-R-K means and Otto can spell it too. We keep talking about learning a language they don't speak!

carina said...

My friend taught me that trick! Don't tell your children what you are doing until you are on your way out the door or be prepared for many meltdowns :)