Sunday, September 5, 2010

One Week Potty Training Update

We did!! We’ve made it one week {okay nine days now} into potty training. The first day was rough. I won’t lie. There was lots of washing of the training pants. But then I went away for a girl’s weekend and left Daddy, Grandma, Aunt Becki and Grammy to deal with it!!

I must say that I am overly impressed with how well it is going. Hanna hasn’t quite got down the science of telling us exactly when she needs to go but she does let out a little scream and stops dead in her tracks when she feels a dribble. I would say that half the time we can successfully get her to the potty before it turns into a full blown accident.

Yesterday was an amazing day. There were no accidents all day. None! The day even included a trip to the ice cream shop without a diaper. I was so excited.

But then she woke up this morning forgetting everything about potty training and made up for the lack of accidents yesterday before lunch today. I can only hope that she will wake up from her nap in a better mood and we can accident free afternoon. {I know…I probably just jinxed myself!}

I can only hope that this week will be even better then the last!!

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