Monday, September 6, 2010


There is never a dull moment in this house or in my life {in general}. Just when things start to calm down something comes along {whether big or small} that makes it not so calm. I’d like to say that I see calm in my near future but I’m thinking that that is far from the truth.
The thing that sucks about being an adult is the decisions that you have to make. No one likes making adult decisions. Or at least I don’t know many people that do. Trying to predict the affects of your decision on your future is impossible. You can only make the decision using your best judgment and how you think the future will unravel. What makes it even worse is when there is a child who is directly affected by the decisions you make. Younger children don’t always directly feel the affects but really, they aren’t stupid.

There have been a lot of decisions made in my house lately. None of which I am ready to go public with. And I am not sure I ever will be. Trust me when I tell you that Stephen and I think that they are the best for our family, right now. We love each other very much and want to give Hanna the best life possible. Oh and Morgan too!

Thank you for letting me get this out. I have been wanting to blog about this for sometime but I haven’t been able to get the words down exactly as I wanted.

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