Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ew germs!!

I wouldn’t say I am a germ-a-phobe. I am close though.

I try not to get crazy about things but sometimes all Stephen can do is laugh.

I have to re-wash clean containers that people so kindly wash before they return.
I have to clean the bathroom following a gathering at our home.
Hand me downs from people I know are ok. Items obtained via Craigslist, FreeCycle or yard sales bother me. I will only accept/purchase items that can be cleaned and clothes are an absolute no.

There was an article the other day about things you should absolutely not buy new. Furniture was on the list. I can’t even imagine bringing someone else’s used couch into my home. Granted we have a sofa set from my in-laws in my home but that’s different.

The local radio station was discussing this on my way into work the other day. They made fun of the article, joking about things such as vibrators that you shouldn’t buy used. It gave me the chills. Ew!!

What will you not buy used?

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behind the fourth door said...

underwears is pretty much the only thing I won't buy used. other than that, game on! used clothes, hand-me-downs, thrift stores, goodwill, yard sales... down with it all :)