Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reality Check...

Reality really sank in last week.

I look at Hanna and she wasn’t a baby anymore.

She was a running, scraped knee, non-stop talking toddler.

When did this happen?

Why do I feel like I missed something?

I don’t miss the baby part as much as I thought I might.

I don’t particularly care for the tired toddler with an attitude though.

But I do love having kisses blown my way.

I love doing “cheers” with our drinks at dinner.

I love watching her climb into or onto something new and then flashing me with that "oh so proud" smile.

I love that the diaper bag is getting lighter as the convenience of stopping to get something for Hanna to eat is AWESOME!

I have noticed that I am more tired then usual. I think I might take the lack of sleep thanks to a newborn over the exhaustion from chasing a toddler.

Ok so I’m lying about the last one…..I love every minute of being Hanna’s Mommy. I wouldn’t change anything about her or our time together.


phoebe said...

I hear you on all of this! Mette is growing so fast right now I have to stop and regroup very day. I kind of remember this happening with Otto, but not so "over night" like it is with Mette. Maybe it's a girl thing since second child won't work here... :)

Ronnica said...

It's amazing how fast they grow up...enjoy every minute of it!