Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I have a problem...

..with caffeine.

Growing up there was only one soda product allowed in our house. My Dad used to say “No Coke. Pepsi” and this always made for fun at family gatherings when we brought our own soda to the Coke drinkers home.

When I started working in restaurants I made the switch to Coke. It was more because that the restaurants I worked in served Coke products. Now I can’t stand the taste of Pepsi. It is too syrupy to me. I wonder what I was thinking drinking it for so long. I guess it was because that was what we had in our home when I was younger.

At my bridal shower nearly 3 years ago, we received a Keurig coffee machine. I didn’t drink coffee unless if was iced with caramel from a popular coffee chain. I liked using it for hot chocolate and tea though. We registered for it mainly because it would be great for serving coffee when we have guests.

When I was pregnant I drank a can of soda a couple of times a week. There are just some meals where soda just goes nicely. I still didn’t drink coffee and I really didn’t drink hot chocolate. Something about a hot drink and being pregnant that didn’t go well together for me.

Shortly after Hanna was born a friend came to visit and brought me this warm concoction of hot chocolate and cappuccino. It was heavenly. I started to get it occasionally at the local convenience store. Then I ordered pods for the Keurig to start making it at home. I eventually started experimenting by mixing hot chocolate with French vanilla coffee. I started to think that it was the chocolate flavor that was making it so good. At the same time the ratio of hot chocolate to coffee was decreasing in favor of the extra boost of caffeine. It’s straight coffee now. It only took me a year to get there!

Now I am both happy and sad to report that not a day goes by that I don’t have a cup of coffee. It’s like I can’t function without it. Some days (who am I kidding…Most days) by lunch time I am dying for more caffeine and need soda. It’s bad. I feel like my teeth hurt after.

The sad part I don’t even get the caffeine burst of energy I used to. It’s like I am immune to it.

It stinks.

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behind the fourth door said...

girlfriend, join the club!!

it is funny how coffee sneaks into your life! I can't even remember what started my coffee addiction, but here I am now - a slave to the coffee bean!

Soda was easier for me to give up, it took about 2 weeks. Yeah, the new job has free fountain drinks in the break room... and I'd go through a lot of Coke during the afternoon! However, the lbs I put on from the regular Coke, no Diet Coke for me due to the headaches is causes, were stacking up fast!