Friday, May 28, 2010

Remember Me?

Yes, I’ll admit I have uttered these words to a friend before. I was only half kidding when I said it though.

Mean. I know.

But here’s the thing, I very strongly {I dislike the word hate} dislike reaching out to someone only to get little or no response. You know the 3 messages you left saying “I need to talk you…call me.”

I will admit that I actually waited 10 years for someone to call me back. True story. I left a message on the machine one day and didn’t get a call back for a few days. I eventually forgot that I was waiting for a call back. And when I say forgot…I mean I really forgot. Years went by and I jokingly said to my sister and my Mom one day that I wondered what ever happened to so-and-so. Last year through the wonderful world of Facebook I “got my call back,” so to speak. And the first thing I said to her was “thanks for calling me back!”

We’ve all heard it before…the phone dials both ways.

We all have them - those people that only have time for you when you reach out to them first. They are busy. You are busy. You find time to call. They don’t.

Majority of the time I am the person to reach out. For a while I would love to be the person who is reached out too. It’s a dream of mine

Is that silly?

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