Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MIA and sickness

Yes, I am a slacker. I could list all the reasons for not blogging in nearly a month but the list would be so long you would lose interest. If you are still visiting the blog, I thank you. I promise to get better at this and back into a routine. {I think I said this before but I REALLY mean it this time :) }

I have lots of pictures to post and I will get to that {not today though} but I first want to fill you in on Hanna and her health.

I am sure lots of parents go through this. Your child is sick for a few days. Your child is better for a few days. Your child gets sick for a few days….and so the cycle continues. Well that has been our house for the last few months. I used to blame the pneumonia, the teething and the good ol’ daycare cold. But I have felt lately like there is more to it.

About a month ago Hanna spiked a 103 temperature. She had a cold which I thought was from teething but a temperature this high for teething just didn’t make sense. Off to the pediatrician we went. No strep. No earache. Chest x-ray showed that the pneumonia was nearly gone. The doctor thought maybe a virus. We were sent home with instructions for lots of rest and fluids and if the fever continued into the next day, she wanted to send Hanna for blood work. Of course the next day the fever was gone and no blood work was done.

Saturday Hanna started with a 101.5 fever around mid-afternoon. Again, teething. Sunday was Easter and her fever was about 102 in the morning but we went to my parents for dinner anyway. After not wanting anything to do with her Easter egg hunt, Hanna took a nice long nap. When she woke up screaming her temperature was at 104.6. I can not even begin to explain the heat that was radiating from her body. We immediately put her in the tub, gave her some Tylenol and her temperature dropped. It was 104.5 again in the middle of the night but when she woke Monday morning it was down to 102. I took Hanna to the pediatrician at 11 and because she had just had Tylenol her fever was low. No earache. Throat looks good. Chest sounds fine. Must be a virus. And again…if the fever continues, we were instructed to go for blood work.

Monday afternoon her temperature was about 101.5 but when she woke up from her nap she was all sweaty so I figured it had broke. Sure enough it had and she hasn’t had a fever since. We decided to take her for the blood work anyway. I wanted to know if it really was a virus and if not, what was causing such a high temperature. The doctor called and informed us that it was a viral infection. The normal blood level for a viral infection is between 3 and 10. Hanna’s was a 10. It was high but not out of range so she wasn’t worried. We were instructed to make sure she gets lots of rest and that she drinks lots of fluids.

Can I say I am relieved that I know why she had the fever? No. I don’t understand why this has happened twice in one month. I am disappointed in the doctor we have seen for both of these instances. I am looking forward to seeing the doctor we like at Hanna’s 15month checkup at the end of the month.

Someone asked me if it has anything to with Hanna being a preemie. Though I am sure that it is somewhat normal for a child to get viruses frequently {she is building her immune system} I don’t know the answer to that question. It is something I need to ask the doctor.

Has anyone ever been through something similar?

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Dina said...

I remember the season that my Hanna had pneumonia followed immediately by strep throat followed immediately by the flu. Then she coughed for a couple of months. It was charming.
I prescribe lots of rest--- for Mommy!