Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yesterday the hubs and I headed to NYC to spend some quality time together. No Hanna. No friends or family. Just us. And the cold weather and rain.

I was so excited because we had bought tickets to Madame Tussaud’s. You know, the wax museum that has where the celebrities/politicians/etc are so real looking that you are waiting for one of them to say BOO! There was one man in particular that I was looking for. I joked with my friend that I might grab him inappropriately because his wax figure will be as close as I will ever come to touching him. And yes my hubs took the picture. {He is such a good sport!}

Here is the PG version. 
I hate that Gloria Estafan was trying to be in the picture too!  :)

Here is hubs with the Obama's. 
The people at the museum explained that the statues are the same height as the person is in real lfe. 
We didn't think that they were actually that tall. 

George wanted to hold my hand.  Of course I obliged.
Here I am with my relative good ol' honest Abe. 
Mary Todd was my relative so technically we are just related by marriage...

This was really cool.  I'm sure you know what it is.
We went to John's Pizza in Time's Square for lunch and boy was it good. The building is an old renovated church.  If you ever go, ask to site on the second floor.
For dinner we went to Ruby Foo's also in Time's Square.  Delicious. 
It was nice to have sushi with real crab for a change. 
And of course while we were there we hit the usual tourist shopping spots. 
Toy's R Us, M&M and Fao Schwartz. 
We only made one purchase though. 
You wouldn't believe how hard this guy is to get.  But they had a lot of them!! 
We had such a good time and I have the red wind-burned cheeks today to prove it!

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