Monday, March 15, 2010


Not to recently heard a woman ask her child why he/she were phoning her and why it couldn’t wait until she got home. When the conversation {though I am not really sure that is what I would call it} was over then woman just stopped talking and hung up. She did not say “goodbye,” “see you soon,” or even “I love you.” She just hung up. Then she huffed and puffed and let out a few choice words.

Is there anything ever more important then your child? Maybe my priorities are out of whack, but I look forward to the day Hanna can call me to ask for/or to do this or that. I will even love the phone calls when something is wrong because that will mean that she isn’t too scared to call and tell me. I wanted to tell this woman that she should enjoy these phones call. To tell her to be glad that her child is calling her at all. But alas, I just bit my tongue and hoped that one day it wouldn’t turn around to bite her in the ass.

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