Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh how we have missed you...

Mr. Sun and your friend Warmer Weather!!!

Not only did you bless us with 1 great day....but you really spoiled us with 5!!!

But alas all good things must come to an end
{or be put on hold in your case}

Yep our not so favorite friends Cooler Weather and Rain are coming for a visit this weekend.

So as not to forget these wonderful few days we've had
here are some photos of Hanna's out door adventures.

This is only the 2nd time we have been able to use
the wagon since Santa brought it at Christmas.

Where did all the white stuff go?!?!?

Ummm...what is this stuff??

There is nothing better then chewing on the woobie after a nice ride in the wagon.

Hanna's first ride in the Cozy Coupe outdoors.
It's so much better outside!!

Take notice to the pony sticking up!

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