Monday, March 1, 2010

Hazmat Zone!

That’s what our house has been the last few days. I’ll give you a quick run down sparing you all the juicy details.

Thursday Hanna woke up and for the first time in her life had vomited. And I being the ever so observant mother I am was in her room for 5 minutes before I even noticed. I was to busy getting her clothes together. When I saw it I did the only natural thing I could think of….called Stephen. {Neither of us have a stomach for vomit. It nearly comes to rock, paper, and scissors when the dog is sick!} Together we tackled Hanna and her mess. We chalked it up to too much cranberry sauce the night before.

Friday friends and family came and went. All was good until Saturday when Stephen was sick all morning. Hanna and I quarantined him to our bedroom. I thought we were in the clear but by dinner time my appetite was gone and I knew it was all down him from there.

I never actually got sick but I had that constant nausea feeling. You know that if I stand up I am going to lose it all feeling.  I slept a good portion of the day on Sunday, thanks in part to my parents for taking Hanna for the day. My Mom says I was never one to vomit when I was younger. I guess some things never change. By Sunday afternoon Stephen’s fever was gone and he was on the mend so he took on the disinfecting job. Luckily we are having a warm front {40 degrees and no snow!!} so we had the windows open in our bedroom most of the day.
Today Stephen is better and I am getting there. My appetite is coming back. Hanna is doing wonderfully. No more sickness for her. Everyone always says “I know something is going around” but I think it is true this time. My apologies to anyone we have come into contact with that may get sick :(

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