Monday, March 15, 2010

Adventures in the ladies locker room

This weekend we renewed our membership to the local gym/family center, whatever you want to call it. I have wanted to take Hanna to play in the children’s leisure pool and well since it was an awful yucky weekend, I figured it was as good a time as any.

I should start off by saying that there is no easy way to change a 14 month old child out of a wet bathing suit in a locker room not suited for young children. {In the facilities defense, there is a family locker room with a special key. I just need to figure out how to obtain such key} There were about 15 tween girls screaming at each other in the ladies locker room.

You be quiet.

No, you be quiet.

Did you just tell me to be quiet??

Oh noooo you didn’t!!!


The bench is barely wide enough for my ass. How am I supposed to change from the swim diaper and bathing suit into regular clothes??? I did want any other mother would do. I laid the wet towel on the floor and changed her. EWWW. I know. But it worked. And the changing only to minutes longer then it would normally. It could have been the constant pivoting of Hanna’s head to watch these lovely role models wander back and forth to talk scream at one another.

I think I packed up just a little bit faster when one girl said “Bye Hooker!” to her friend. I am not looking forward to Hanna’s tween years.

Here are a few pictures of Hanna playing in the pool. She didn’t like sitting in the water. She preferred to stand. Ironic, she would rather stand in the bath tub too. I can’t say hiney on the mat in the pool!

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