Monday, March 15, 2010

Adventures in the ladies locker room

This weekend we renewed our membership to the local gym/family center, whatever you want to call it. I have wanted to take Hanna to play in the children’s leisure pool and well since it was an awful yucky weekend, I figured it was as good a time as any.

I should start off by saying that there is no easy way to change a 14 month old child out of a wet bathing suit in a locker room not suited for young children. {In the facilities defense, there is a family locker room with a special key. I just need to figure out how to obtain such key} There were about 15 tween girls screaming at each other in the ladies locker room.

You be quiet.

No, you be quiet.

Did you just tell me to be quiet??

Oh noooo you didn’t!!!


The bench is barely wide enough for my ass. How am I supposed to change from the swim diaper and bathing suit into regular clothes??? I did want any other mother would do. I laid the wet towel on the floor and changed her. EWWW. I know. But it worked. And the changing only to minutes longer then it would normally. It could have been the constant pivoting of Hanna’s head to watch these lovely role models wander back and forth to talk scream at one another.

I think I packed up just a little bit faster when one girl said “Bye Hooker!” to her friend. I am not looking forward to Hanna’s tween years.

Here are a few pictures of Hanna playing in the pool. She didn’t like sitting in the water. She preferred to stand. Ironic, she would rather stand in the bath tub too. I can’t say hiney on the mat in the pool!


Not to recently heard a woman ask her child why he/she were phoning her and why it couldn’t wait until she got home. When the conversation {though I am not really sure that is what I would call it} was over then woman just stopped talking and hung up. She did not say “goodbye,” “see you soon,” or even “I love you.” She just hung up. Then she huffed and puffed and let out a few choice words.

Is there anything ever more important then your child? Maybe my priorities are out of whack, but I look forward to the day Hanna can call me to ask for/or to do this or that. I will even love the phone calls when something is wrong because that will mean that she isn’t too scared to call and tell me. I wanted to tell this woman that she should enjoy these phones call. To tell her to be glad that her child is calling her at all. But alas, I just bit my tongue and hoped that one day it wouldn’t turn around to bite her in the ass.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yesterday the hubs and I headed to NYC to spend some quality time together. No Hanna. No friends or family. Just us. And the cold weather and rain.

I was so excited because we had bought tickets to Madame Tussaud’s. You know, the wax museum that has where the celebrities/politicians/etc are so real looking that you are waiting for one of them to say BOO! There was one man in particular that I was looking for. I joked with my friend that I might grab him inappropriately because his wax figure will be as close as I will ever come to touching him. And yes my hubs took the picture. {He is such a good sport!}

Here is the PG version. 
I hate that Gloria Estafan was trying to be in the picture too!  :)

Here is hubs with the Obama's. 
The people at the museum explained that the statues are the same height as the person is in real lfe. 
We didn't think that they were actually that tall. 

George wanted to hold my hand.  Of course I obliged.
Here I am with my relative good ol' honest Abe. 
Mary Todd was my relative so technically we are just related by marriage...

This was really cool.  I'm sure you know what it is.
We went to John's Pizza in Time's Square for lunch and boy was it good. The building is an old renovated church.  If you ever go, ask to site on the second floor.
For dinner we went to Ruby Foo's also in Time's Square.  Delicious. 
It was nice to have sushi with real crab for a change. 
And of course while we were there we hit the usual tourist shopping spots. 
Toy's R Us, M&M and Fao Schwartz. 
We only made one purchase though. 
You wouldn't believe how hard this guy is to get.  But they had a lot of them!! 
We had such a good time and I have the red wind-burned cheeks today to prove it!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baby Weight

I always thought that when I got pregnant I was going to eat healthy and that I wasn’t going to be a large pregnant woman. Well, my body clearly had other plans.

I started showing much sooner then I expected. I tried my darndest to cover it up. I wanted to get as close to the end of my first trimester before we really went public with the information. And we did fairly well with this. Except for one warm day in June when a family friend asked me if I was having twins. I was both shocked and appalled. And the sad thing was, I hadn’t had my first ultrasound or even heard the baby’s heartbeat yet.

Shortly after this I was cornered one day. It had become apparent to some ladies at work that I seemed to be getting a little chubbier. They asked me when I was due. My response…..full out sobbing. I cried because I didn’t want them to know yet.

I know I know….I was hormonal!

All in all I gained 50 pounds when I was pregnant with Hanna. I believe that a lot of it had to do with the pre-eclampsia but I am not a doctor. I had heard horror stories of trying to lose that baby weight but I always thought I could do it.

I don’t exercise. I have never enjoyed it. I don’t like to run. I stopped riding my bike when I was 10 because my parents made me wear a helmet.

So how was I going to lose this weight? I walked Hanna in the stroller. Not as much as I could have but I digress. And I tried to eat healthy. It was really paying off. Then one day someone told me that if I didn’t lose all of the baby weight by the time Hanna turned 1, I was never going to lose it.


I was 5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight and Hanna was 10 months old. I stressed about this for a few days but then I realized that this was crazy. I had lost 45 pounds! I was telling a friend about this one day and she reminded me that it took 9 months to gain the weight and that I couldn’t expect to lose it overnight.

Now I fluctuate between 1 and 5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I have no expectations of ever getting back to my exact “starting” weight but I am proud of the fact that I have gotten as far as I have.

When I see Facebook friends comment on how they still have X pounds amount of baby weight to lose I tell them the same thing that my friend told me. After all, there is no better reason for the weight gain then a beautiful baby.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh how we have missed you...

Mr. Sun and your friend Warmer Weather!!!

Not only did you bless us with 1 great day....but you really spoiled us with 5!!!

But alas all good things must come to an end
{or be put on hold in your case}

Yep our not so favorite friends Cooler Weather and Rain are coming for a visit this weekend.

So as not to forget these wonderful few days we've had
here are some photos of Hanna's out door adventures.

This is only the 2nd time we have been able to use
the wagon since Santa brought it at Christmas.

Where did all the white stuff go?!?!?

Ummm...what is this stuff??

There is nothing better then chewing on the woobie after a nice ride in the wagon.

Hanna's first ride in the Cozy Coupe outdoors.
It's so much better outside!!

Take notice to the pony sticking up!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My mind is racing.  I read other blogs and become so overwhelmed with all of the things
that can be done via blog. 

Product reviews. Giveaways. Parent to Parent information. The possibilities are endless. 

The question of the night is....where do I begin?

Any suggestions...Ideas...
Tips or Tricks...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Four years ago today I met my best friend.
Two years ago I married my him.

Happy Anniversary!!
I love you xoxo

Monday, March 1, 2010

More Snow?!?

Friday we were blessed with even more snow!!  This was nothing compared to what we have had in the last few weeks. I said it was just the right amount of snow for Hanna. Since she was sick for the last two major snow storms she hasn't really been out to "play" in the snow since December. 

I used to laugh at all of the parents complaining how they would spend 10 minutes getting children ready to go out and they would only be out for 5 minutes.  Now I agree.  So annoying!!  But she loved it and that makes it all worth it.

Hazmat Zone!

That’s what our house has been the last few days. I’ll give you a quick run down sparing you all the juicy details.

Thursday Hanna woke up and for the first time in her life had vomited. And I being the ever so observant mother I am was in her room for 5 minutes before I even noticed. I was to busy getting her clothes together. When I saw it I did the only natural thing I could think of….called Stephen. {Neither of us have a stomach for vomit. It nearly comes to rock, paper, and scissors when the dog is sick!} Together we tackled Hanna and her mess. We chalked it up to too much cranberry sauce the night before.

Friday friends and family came and went. All was good until Saturday when Stephen was sick all morning. Hanna and I quarantined him to our bedroom. I thought we were in the clear but by dinner time my appetite was gone and I knew it was all down him from there.

I never actually got sick but I had that constant nausea feeling. You know that if I stand up I am going to lose it all feeling.  I slept a good portion of the day on Sunday, thanks in part to my parents for taking Hanna for the day. My Mom says I was never one to vomit when I was younger. I guess some things never change. By Sunday afternoon Stephen’s fever was gone and he was on the mend so he took on the disinfecting job. Luckily we are having a warm front {40 degrees and no snow!!} so we had the windows open in our bedroom most of the day.
Today Stephen is better and I am getting there. My appetite is coming back. Hanna is doing wonderfully. No more sickness for her. Everyone always says “I know something is going around” but I think it is true this time. My apologies to anyone we have come into contact with that may get sick :(