Monday, August 31, 2009

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

As I write this I am sitting on the back deck in the sun relaxing.  Hanna is on nap number 2 (which rarely happens anymore) in her stroller.  Morgan is even doing a little sunbathing.
This weather is just wonderful!   I opened the windows this morning and I have no plans to close them in the next day or two.  Hanna and I took a great walk this morning and I am thinking that another is needed after dinner.
I'm so bummed I have to work tomorrow and that we can't have a repeat of today. But we do have a nice weekend in Rehoboth to look forward too.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Say a little prayer..

I came across this blog earlier in the month and I couldn't get over the strength of Brooke and Joe and their triplet preemies Annaleigh, Lily and Charlie. I was actually just telling my family about them last night. I was reading their blog today only to read of the passing of their daughter Annaleigh on Saturday. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.


Hanna is growing up!

I can officially say that she is sitting very well on her own. The wobbles aren't as much anymore and I think she is really enjoying it.

Hanna has figured out how to get from her belly to sitting. I haven't actually seen it though. I put her back in the crib this morning on her back. I looked at the video monitor and she was on her belly. I looked at it again a few minutes later and she was sitting. And she did it again later in the day in the pack and play. I missed that one too.

My favorite milestone is the "so big" she will occasionally do. It takes quite a few attempts each time on our part but when she does it, she thinks it is just the greatest thing.

Since Hanna was born my expectations of milestones weren't great. I have read so much about the developmental delays of preemies but I must say that once I stopped reading all of the crap I started to feel better about things. I think she is doing wonderfully. I love my little peanut!

Blogger won't upload pictures tonight so I owe you :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

I scream..

we all scream for ice cream!!

Wednesday night Stephen and I took Hanna to the Banana Boat in National Park. My parents used to take my sister and I here for ice cream when we were younger. When they closed, we were so disappointed. There are new owners now but it really brought back some memories.

And of course I took some pictures!

First taste of vanilla ice cream
I like it!
So good I think I'll have some more!

7 Month Photoshoot

I know I say this every month but seriously....7 months, already?!?

Monday morning Hanna was in an extra good mood so I decided to take some 7 month pictures. Here are a few of my favorites...

Look...I'm such a big girl!

I'd really like to eat the paper.... Wait...I'm supposed to take the rings on and off????

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Making up for lost time

I have been a slacker at blogging. This we know. But I have an excuse. Her name is Hanna. I am mad that I never took 6 month photos of her. And last week she was 7 months old but I did manage to take some pictures, before she ate the paper. My goodness time has just flown by.

I have a few things that I have wanted to blog about including her 6 month check up, teething and my tinnitus. So here goes.

Two weeks ago Hanna had her 6 month check up. My big girl weighed 16 pounds 12 ounces. She got 4 vaccines and 1 oral vaccine which were harder on me I think. The doctor was very pleased with her growth which makes me very happy. We talked about all of Hanna’s “tricks” and the doctor said her shaking her head no was advanced. (That’s what I like to hear!!) As for teeth, he agreed we should be seeing something soon but that is what he said at the four month check up too. We don’t go back for our next visit until October.

But the teething has really gotten under way as of late. Poor baby’s gums are swollen and her poopin (yes I said it!) has quadrupled. She even had a case of the worst diaper rash I have ever seen. She didn’t like us to touch her bum and I don’t blame her. And to add to all of the teething symptoms she has started tugging on her right ear. Luckily there is no fever or runny nose to make me think it is something else. Hopefully things will start to turn around soon and she will have some teeth.

On to my tinnitus. I had an appointment last week at U of Penn with Dr. Ruckenstein. I was hoping to get some answers and I guess I did. According to the hearing test I had there, I do not have any hearing loss. He does not know if the pre-eclampsia caused the tinnitus or not, he has never heard of this as a cause before. As a follow up I need to have an MRI done to determine if there is something else causing the ringing. If the MRI comes back fine (which he believes it will) then there is nothing they can do. Basically, I have to eliminate all of the quiet from my life. (Until you have constant ringing in your ears, you don’t realize how much quiet there is in your life) He said that my brain will start to adapt to the ringing and that with time I will notice it less. I was instructed to go to bed with the tv on and to have the radio on a lot. The only place that I am still really noticing it is when I am at work. The buzzing from the printer just isn’t doing the trick. The tinnitus will never fully go away but I should see some improvement over time. Honestly, I don’t know if I am happy with what the doctor said or not. I am still processing it.

One last thing for this blog entry that I have had drafted for days…..Hanna is able to sit all by herself now! She is still a little weeble wobble but with time she will become a real pro. And I swear she is saying Da-Da. I have been told it sounds like Blah Blah Blah though. Hopefully it will become clearer in the next few days.

I have lots of pictures to post but I probably won’t get to that today. There are some good ones so sit tight my friends.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Catching Up

Just a few favorite photos from this week :)

Evel Knievel in her chair

Big girl...Big cup

Almost sitting on her own...

It's easier laying on the belly and rolling all around

Morgan has the life I tell ya!

I don't know what this picture is from but her face is really cute!

Happy Birthday Ava!

Tomorrow Ava turns 4. I can't believe she is 4. Today Ava had a Scooby Doo birthday party. It was so great to take Hanna to the party. She was such a good little girl. Everyone kept saying how much she looks like me (sorry dear!) I didn't take many pictures, I really need to get better at that!

Hanna, Stephen (Daddy to Hanna, Uncle Stephen to Ava) and Ava

Hanna's cool party hat

The kids posing in their hats. It is impossible to get 5 kids all looking at the same camera.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

7 Months old!

Happy 7 months Hanna!!

You are such a joy to our lives and I know I have said this before but I don't remember what life was like before you were here.

At the start of 7 months you
*are so close to sitting on your own for more then 10 seconds....any day now
*are still waiting on your first tooth....any day now
*are growling at everyone....particularly people you don't know
*are laughing at all of us, mostly Morgan though
*love to hold on to your sippy cup though you haven't master getting anything out of it
*are sleeping with your butt up in the air
*are loving any food we give you except for peaches (it's ok though, I don't like them either)
*are mastering the army crawl and now trying to do it with your legs straight
*are loving to go in the pool and splash
*are really starting to enjoy playing with toys
*want to put everything you can in your mouth
*are refusing the next size binky
*could play for hours in your activity jumper

We love you!
~Mommy and Daddy

Wordless Wednesday

My teething baby girl :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

yeah yeah yeah

The list of things I dislike seems to be growing by the day.Here are a few of the things that seem to be irking me a little bit today...

**The saying "money doesn't grow on trees" because it should darn it!

***My baby girl's tooth that will not pop through and is making everyone grumpy

**The Food Network for ruining the winner of the Next Food Network Star before I got to see the episode

***People who stop in the middle of the aisle of the grocery store and look at you like you are crazy when you say excuse me and try to go around them

**When you are trying to get something done but waiting on one thing from one person to complete your task

***The hole that the dog is digging in the backyard. I think she is trying to go to China.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

If I had a million dollars...

I keep thinking about how I wish I could win the lottery. It is not that my life is so awful that lots of money would make it better. I, just like every other person out there think it would make my life just a tad bit easier and better. And I am not saying it has to be an obnoxious amount. Something reasonable would be ok too.

As I type this the “If I had a million dollars” song is playing in my head. (I am just glad it is something other then the constant ringing I hear)

So what exactly would I do with this money you ask?

1st things first…quit my job. Not that I don’t like where I work I would just rather spend my time with my peanut.

2nd I would pay off our debt. I realize that it is likely that everyone will have at least some debt all of their lives. But we all have to admit that it would be nice to be debt free at least for a little while.

3rd I would share some of my wealth with those that I care about. My sister always tells my parents she will make sure they get put in a nice home when they are older!

4th I would donate a little to charity. I think the March of Dimes and Hospice would be my first 2 choices.

I think that the remainder of my new found wealth would be put into savings for my peanut and for our retirement. (I am totally thinking warm weather and a beach)

Yes, I know my list is boring. Oh you can be sure that I will be buying a new wardrobe and a Coach bag or two and maybe taking the vacation that I seem to be dreaming about more and more.

But my chances of actually winning the lottery are slim I am sure since I rarely ever play. I think a trip to AC and a seat at the Wheel of Fortune red chair is much needed.

(that’s a story for another day)

Wordless Wednesday

The wonders of Sunday morning cartoons!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A little of this....

It's been a while. I know it is not the first time I have said this. And I can all but guarantee that it will not be the last. I have been thinking today about all of the things I want to blog about but a) I am to tired to write an entry of multiple paragraphs that make sense b)....okay well there is more but I just sat here for a few minutes trying to think of something but I am drawing a blank.

Hanna had a play date on Saturday with her friend Meghann. Stephen and I met Meghann's Mommy and Daddy during our prenatal class. The girls are just over a month a part, Hanna being born first.
Sunday Stephen and I went to Mike and Lisa's wedding. The weather was horrendous and the almost 2 hour commute took nearly 3 hours and we missed the ceremony. I felt awful! We got to the church just in time to see them exit. The reception was fun and the food was really good. Congratulations to Mike and Lisa!
There's more to post about but it will have to wait till another day. This post itself has taken me more then 30 minutes already!!